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News Update!!! Children’s Language Development Solutions (CLDS), Founded by Carole Flynn, M.Ed/Special Needs, is now an approved DOE Related Services Hearing Education Provider. If your child is in need of Hearing services, or if their school/program is unable to meet their mandate, here is the link to the DOE Related Services Hearing Education provider list to access Carole’s information and request for services.

Did you know the Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of a deaf student in Michigan. His parents filed a complaint under the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) a federal law dating from the 1970’s that sets out procedures fo​r disabled children to obtain an ​appropriate education. The child was educated at a Public School from ages 9-20 and the parents were told he was progressing well and on target to graduate, when in fact, administrators intended to only award a certificate of completion. The school is now paying for the child to go to the Michigan School for the Deaf and pay for additional post secondary education so that the child and parents can learn sign language. Many feel that this decision will hold consequences for a great many children with disabilities and their families. Here is a link to the article.

Children’s Language Development Solutions (CLDS), founded by Carole Flynn, M.Ed. provides highly specialized educational and consulting services for children, families, and professionals in support of language development, communication, social skills and meeting educational goals. 

This service is dedicated primarily for children and young adults who are non-verbal and have complex language and learning challenges such as: on the Autism Spectrum, Non-Verbal/Limited Language Skills, Developmentally Delayed, ADHD, Auditory/Language Processing Challenges, Down Syndrome, Selective Mutism, Deaf/Hearing challenges, Blind/Deaf-Blindness, and Children with neurological or other challenges that affect language and communication.

Carole, M.Ed. Special Needs/Language is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience working with a diverse group of children of all ages who have a wide range of language, learning and social challenges. In addition to her 1:1 work with families at home, Carole is a sought-after consultant and professional development presenter to schools throughout the NY area. Most recently, she was the Hearing Education Specialist at the iHOPE school, working with non-verbal, non-ambulatory, students aged 4.5-21 years old. Utilizing the various forms of sign language helped support these students in processing information and learning to communicate, develop language, learn foundational education skills, develop social/behavioral skills, and become more independent in their daily living skills. 

Services are provided in person in the privacy of your family's home throughout the borough of Manhattan, and via video conference for those who live or work outside of NYC. Every program in customized to meet the needs of the child and family.


Please feel free to reach out in confidence directly to Carole to see if she may be able to meet some of your needs at 

Wouldn’t it be great if your child could:

  • Communicate their wants and needs
  • Understand the expectation for the day, appointments, events

  • Get up, ready and out the door without a meltdown

  • Transition from situations and activities with less stress

  • Have a "voice"

Watch Carole in action!

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