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Testimonials & Success Stories

The best way to understand how Carole works is to read about the experiences and successes of some of her former clients and their families and what other professional colleagues have to say.

J.M. (Mother of a longtime client)

Carole has been such a blessing in our lives and worked with our daughter for many years. She is a professional, was always on time, courteous, communicated consistently with me regarding my daughter’s progress, and had effective and manageable advice on things to do at home with my daughter. Carole helped us to learn to effectively communicate with our daughter through the use of sign language. She set up a communication system with sign language for all of us to learn, she even taught our daughter to read. Because of my daughter’s disabilities, Carole had to adjust the signs for my daughter, due to her not being able to use her left hand. We highly recommend her to anyone needing guidance in setting up a communication system that works. Thanks to Carole my daughter now communicates efficiently and no longer gets frustrated with not being able to communicate her needs and wants. 

The Vera Fiallos family is a family of three, Luciana age 16, her dad Angel D. and mom Alexandra.

Our lives changed when we had our beautiful daughter, Luciana, whose smile can melt your heart.

Luciana was born with a rare heart defect named Truncus Arteriosus Type II. As a result, oxygen-poor blood that should go to the lungs and oxygen-rich blood that should go to the rest of the body are mixed together. If left untreated, it would be fatal.

Luciana underwent a heart-repair surgery when she was two months old. After many complications and four months in the Intensive Care Unit, she was diagnosed with Anoxic Brain Injury.

We were told she was unlikely to manage any facial expressions, interact with others, would have intellectual delays, will be unable to walk and talk, will be unaware of her surroundings. She is quadriplegic, has a trach and uses a ventilator. Luciana has overcome so many obstacles, mostly with her health but also the biggest of all the lack of accessibility. Despite her disabilities, Luciana is more present than ever! She enjoys the outdoors, and likes to be around people, to belong. Luciana makes us proud every day with her determination, her love for life, and the strength of her spirit. She has a light and a smile so powerful that can make a cloudy day look brighter. We consider ourselves a resilient family, we try to focus on the possibilities, the abilities, how to get things to work for Luciana in order to make her part of the community, to give her freedom, happiness and joy but most importantly give her a voice!

We are constantly looking to give her the opportunity to try something new, to challenge herself and to have the chance to overcome the daily living physical and intellectual challenges.

We see how much joy Luciana feels when she rides her adaptive tricycle, when she uses a swing, when she feels the water when she goes outdoors, smell the trees and feel the breeze, when she paints, when she listen to music and people talk to her, when gets notice! Luciana is working hard on her communications skills, her related services like hearing, vision and assistive technology are key for her to improve and be able to be communicate more independently. We are very grateful for the impact of the services she receives. Ms. Carole, Luciana’s former hearing teacher helped her to significantly improve her communication skills, her commitment and professionalism touches the life of each student she works with in a way that can cement their pad for the future. We always try to stay positive and continue to support each other and hope Luciana story can inspire others to promote accessibility and inclusion.

Michele G.'s daughter Rachael (13 years old) worked with Carole for 4 years. Rachael is non-verbal and has a diagnosis of PDD-NOS and global developmental delays. When Rachael began she had limited communication skills:

When we began with Carole, two-way sustained communication, attending and engagement were all a major challenge for Rachael. Many sessions were spent increasing engagement and drawing Rachael into learning and opportunities. 

We have used both traditional and non-traditional therapies but none have given Rachael the abilities to learn and communicate effectively like Carole's approach. Carole began by understanding and meeting Rachael at here current level of functioning - then created methods and materials customized for Rachael's needs and from that, expanded her interests and capability to learn.

Once Rachael was organized in her thinking and relating, Carole introduced language as a way to teach literacy skills. By using Carole's unique and highly individualized approach to learning, Rachael is now reading.

She is able to demonstrate her knowledge, ask and answer questions, and string together long chains of communication. We didn't know if reading was ever a possibility, but it has become possible. Rachael is reading sentences.

Carole is a true professional in her field. She is the only one that does what she does. She's dedicated, committed, creative and compassionate. She'll stop at nothing to ensure that each child reaches their goals and highest potential. Our lives are forever enriched because of her!

Cristina Belarmino, PT As a physical therapist, I was lucky to work in conjunction with Carole Flynn for many years at the International Academy of Hope. I have always been impressed by Carole’s professionalism and admirable personal qualities. Carole was instrumental in spreading the awareness within the physical therapy department, on how to improve the quality of our treatment sessions with our students by teaching us how to sign during our sessions. She also provided regular in-services to the whole staff, and made videos for the parents so they can also learn to communicate with their children at home. Carole is deeply passionate about her work. She is an asset to the children, their families and also in sharing her expertise in on-going professional development. 

Dr. Aruna Karra (Phd Spl.Ed, BCBA) 

I had the personal and professional good fortune to work closely with Carole as a colleague at the International Academy of Hope (IHope), a school for Children with Traumatic Brain Injury for 5 years. In my experience she had been responsible in providing hearing services (sign language) for children with traumatic brain injury and educating the staff and the Parents about sign language. As a classroom

teacher, I had the opportunity to learn about sign language and also witness the growth and success of

my students who received hearing services with Carole. Carole is an energetic and passionate woman

who would take initiative to conduct workshops to educate everyone about sign language, placing signs

and pamphlets for awareness in the classrooms. Carole is hardworking and conscientious professional

with a high work ethics. She is bright, articulate and her enthusiasm for her job comes through in all she

does. Carole is a fun-loving person to work with and I wish her all the best in her future endeavors----.

Cherilyn and Chris Kotelly I am a parent of a wonderful,smart,kind,beautiful gifted daughter whom is lucky enough to also have Aspergers. People who have Aspergers are highly intelligent and very self-aware. These are incredible assets, however not all professionals agree. Many if not most Drs, teachers and therapists feel they must change children to fit into a mold. This is not a good approach; why would anyone want to change these amazing qualities? Yet it is what parents face over and over again it certainly was for us. Until we met Carole! A mother knows right away how others feel about her children. When we met Carole and her wonderful group her eyes light up when she sees the children you can feel her compassion and she cares deeply for each and every child. She is relentless if any issue arises and will not give up.

So many label children, children are not labels! They are people with no ceiling who is one person no

matter how many degrees they hold to say this is how far your child will go? Sadly, there are many parents who will take that advice and if a parent does not believe their child can soar as high as they want then they never will have a chance at all. You will not find any labels or limits with Carole; she only sees potential and the beauty and gifts that every child has within them. She cares for the entire family. She also has a mother’s groups; this so needed. It’s so nice to sit with others and talk about what’s going on and support each other. We would be talking and always ended up laughing and feeling great. If you are someone looking for a caring, supportive, educated person to work with look no further. Carole is an angel and for our family and will always be in our hearts.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to Carole personally with any questions or concerns at

Carole Flynn, M.Ed. Special Needs / Language

(508) 733-1562

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