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Getting Started

Carole is very aware that initiating this process for your child and family can be a daunting task and she is ready to assist you every step of the way and make it as stress free as possible. No question is too small, and all of the information gathered will be used collectively to determine the best approach and action plan. Prior to the first visit, the necessary paperwork must be completed and certain policy and procedures followed are explained. These can be downloaded in the first tab below. The second tab is for Release and Feedback/Survey forms and the third tab is to enable us to bill your credit card for services rendered. 


The fee for service is $175 per hour pro-rated.  If after the first session, it is determined that your child could benefit from multiple sessions, Carole can customize a package of sessions at a discounted rate.

Please download and email these forms back to prior to your first visit

Feedback about our services is very important to us and we would also like to share what you think about us with others. Please let us know how we are doing and what we can do better by downloading and emailing these forms back 

For those of you who prefer to use credit cards for payment on a regular basis, or as a backup, please complete this form and email it back to us at

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